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Juveniles (Malt Whisky)


Type: Vatted Malt. A blend of single malts f rom different distilleries.

Tasting Notes: Malted cereal, apple fruit, baking spices, vanilla. Hint of anise.

Lead Distilleries: Glen Elgin, Glen Ord, Clynelish, all aged between 10-11 years, all perfectly mature.

Casks: 100% first-fill bourbon barrels for enhanced fruitiness, softness, richness, and sweetness.

Bottling Details: 44%, not chill filtered, natural colour.

My Tasting Notes:
“A great before dinner malt. Also excellent with hard cheeses at the end of a meal. Give it a splash of water to open it up and reveal the sweetness!”

Availability: Please note that Compass Box "Juveniles" is currently available only in France, the UK, Holland, Spain, Germany and other EU countries by mail order. It has not been released in the US at this time. Please see the "Where to Find" Section of this site for more details on getting JUVENILES in Europe.


Inspired by the Famous Wine Bar in Paris!

In autumn of 2003 I was having lunch in Paris.

I was sitting in a little wine bar I’d heard about called “Juveniles”, owned, I was told, by an ex-pat Scotsman named Tim Johnston. It was a jewel-box of a place, loaded with small producer wines, some bottled just for the owner, and a well-chosen selection of Scotch whiskies, full of independent bottlers.

This guy, I thought to myself, knows his whisky. After my meal, I left a card, on which I wrote “Maybe I could blend you a whisky one day.” Tim called me the following week.

Over the next six months Tim and I met in Paris several times to create our whisky, and over many lunches and whisky sessions, we realised we had similar tastes in whisky. We agreed what we wanted to make--a rich, sweet, elegantly complex little malt whisky, named after Tim’s famous (I had come to learn!) bistro à vins. We would bottle it for Tim, but make it available to the rest of the France (and later Europe) as a new addition to our range. Tim put his daughter Caroline to work on a painting for the label, and voila! Compass Box "Juveniles" came to life!